Each year we offer internships to young men and women who are interested in learning about sustainable farming and poverty alleviation.

The interns spend at least 3 weeks at Good Life Ranch participating in all aspects of ranch life - marketing, sales, gardening, animal care and production, livestock breeding, construction, curriculum planning, and general farm work. All interns get a great experience learning about what it means to farm in a conscientious manner.




2011 Interns

Session 1 - Cameron Day & Alexa Zanikos
Cameron Day The owners of Good Life Ranch, Geoff and Lindsey McPherson, are both former teachers of his and he was interested in helping them out as soon as he heard about this new endeavor. He is very interested in poverty elimination because he feels that in too many societies large portions of the population are held captive by economic inequalities. He feels that if these inequalities can be eliminated or at least lessened then society will become more fair and free. The first step in eliminating a problem is raising awareness and hopefully the simulations at Good Life Ranch will raise awareness of the different types of poverty that exist elsewhere in the world. He first became interested in this sort of work after he attended a similar poverty simulation at Heifer Project International, so he hopes to help provide other students with the kind of experience he had at Heifer. In his free time he likes to play guitar in a band. Cameron is most excited about building the Cambodian and Haitian structures.

Alexa Zanikos jumped at the chance to set out on an adventure in sustainable farming with her former teachers. Alexa's interest in sustainable farming was sparked by her dad, who since retirement has set out on a similar journey into sustainable, hardcore gardening in the backyard. She is excited to apply the skills her father has taught her here at Good Life Ranch and bring the skills she learns here back home. Her family has a passion for food and the environment, which manifests itself in a quest to “get off the food grid” by eating as much as we can from her dad’s garden and making as much of our own food as possible (homemade bagels anyone?).  Besides food, farming and school, Alexa is a dancer in the San Antonio-based youth dance company Insight Dance Ensemble.


Session 2 - Catherine Alvarez-McCurdy, Katie Black, Annalise Carington, Julian Cross, and Grayson Middleton

Catherine Alvarez-McCurdy will attend the University of Chicago in the fall as a member of the class of 2015. She is interested in alternative and hands-on education and was drawn to this internship with the hope that work she has done this summer will give students the opportunity to understand poverty through simulations at Lifestyles Lane.

Katie Black just graduated from Alamo Heights High School and plans on attending George Washington University in the fall. She wanted to do this internship because she is interested in sustainable food production as a means to overcome malnutrition, both in the United States and worldwide. She also wanted to have a unique outdoor experience before committing herself to the concrete jungle of DC for the next four years.

Annalise Carington graduated from Alamo Heights High School this past spring and will be continuing her education at Middlebury College as a member of the class of 2015. Interested in pursuing a major in environmental studies, this internship offered a chance for her to explore first-hand the relationship between humans and the land they use. Having a love for the outdoors and what they offer, Annalise was also excited to take advantage of the fresh food and fresh air found at Good Life Ranch.

Julian Cross is a sophomore at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon studying to earn an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies. While actively engaged in many of the issues concerning the state of our natural environment for his major, Julian has still retained an interest in the social issues concerning the standard of living in the developing countries. Ultimately, Julian intends to discover how both of these interests intersect through the implementation of sustainable technologies, in farming methods and energy production, to create a higher, sustainable standard of living in these developing countries. This internship presented an opportunity for Julian to stay mentally and physically active this summer by giving him the chance to learn about sustainable farming and to participate in the construction of the developing world poverty simulation, Lifestyles Lane.

Grayson Middleton is interested in sutainable farming, construction, and animal care and came to the ranch to learn how to care for animals and gain experience gardening in hopes of starting his own small farm on his property in Texas. Grayson is also excited to be a part of the development of Lifestyles Lane and hopes to take part in the full simulation when it is complete.


Session 3 - Dana Eardley & Meredith Prentice

Dana Eardley decided to take this internship as an opportunity to further her understanding of the relationships between plants, animals and the folk that take care of them. Dana is very fond of the environment and is striving to learn the steps that we can take in order to preserve the land while still producing the food that we need in order to survive. Her interest in poverty education also encouraged her decision to take this internship as she sees Lifestyles Lane as a great way to educate students on the topic.

Meredith Prentice was very eager to participate at Good Life Ranch having interest in sustainable farming and getting a chance to work with the land. Having a love of the natural world, she found this a great opportunity with the intention of dedicating future studies to the environment.