Each year we offer internships to young men and women who are interested in learning about sustainable farming and poverty alleviation.

The interns spend at least 3 weeks at Good Life Ranch participating in all aspects of ranch life - marketing, sales, gardening, animal care and production, livestock breeding, construction, curriculum planning, and general farm work. All interns get a great experience learning about what it means to farm in a conscientious manner.




2012 Interns

Session 1 - Sam Abney, Riley Francis, Jacob Klein, Rachel Seidner, and Allison Vigil

Sam Abney came to Good Life Ranch to show off her vast superiority at post hole digging and goat kid catching in order to improve Geoff and Lindsey's skills at both endeavors.




Riley Francis Since he was young his father instilled a lobe of nature and the out doors with camping trips. After reading about the Good Life Ranch Riley became intrigued with the prospect of interning and signed up. During his time at the Good Life Ranch Riley's favorite activity was tending to the animals and eating Lindsey's food. Riley will take away many things from this internship from the ability to dig post holes and mortar to the ability to herd pigs and catch goats, but the most important thing that Riley will take away from his time at Good Life Ranch is the value of a hard days work and a willingness to do what is right not what's easy, for humans and animals alike.

Jacob Klein is interested in sustainable development, maintaining an active lifestyle, and frolicking in nature. Being a former student of the McPhersons, Jacob was extremely excited at the chance to work along side them in achieving their goals. Having participated in a third-world simulation his freshman year, Lifestyle Lane is his favorite aspect of Goodlife Ranch, and he hopes to return upon completion. This internship offered Jacob a chance to learn about sustainable development in a physically demanding and mentally stimulating environment. He will take away knowledge in the basics of sustainable farming, construction, and goat tackling.

Rachel Seidner will be attending Macalester College in St. Paul Minnesota. Rachel has always been fascinated by nature and the environment. She is interested in pursuing environmental studies and came to the farm to develop an understanding of sustainable practices and their effects on the environment. She hopes to apply the knowledge she has gained to future environmental endeavors.

Allison Vigil Her memorable three day experience in a Tibetan simulation at Heifer Ranch her freshmen year inspired her to apply for the internship. She was eager to help build Good Life Ranch’s simulations of developing countries. Allison also greatly enjoys the outdoors and healthier living, and she thought this would be a great opportunity to experience another way of living.


Session 2 - Trevor Antrim, Alexandra Cohen, Bianca Lopez, and Mariana Vazquez-Walter

Trevor Antrim found out about Good Life Ranch from the school bulletin and the experience peaked his interests. He loved farming and taking care of animals, but above all he just loved the outdoor and nature. A rural farm in Kentucky seemed the perfect place to spend part of his summer. At Good Life Ranch, Trevor learned much about animal husbandry, group interactions, construction, and leadership. The whole experience was superb and he was very sad to have to leave, but he learn life lessons that will stick with him throughout the rest of his life.



Alexandra Cohen wanted a different and exciting internship experience and upon hearing about Good Life Ranch through teachers and kids at school she found that this internship would definitely fit those criteria. She has learned a lot about exactly where her food comes from, how to work with people in a variety of situations, and how to live a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Alexandra hopes she will be able to take these lessons with her throughout the entirety of her life and will utilize the skills she has gained as well.



Bianca Lopez is a former biology student of Geoff McPherson. She came to Good Life Ranch to fulfill her required internship in a meaningful, relevant setting. Working on the ranch opened her eyes to the realities of animal care and environmental consciousness-- both issues that she will consider when deciding a college major and career path. The experience pushed her out of her constrictive comfort zone and helped her come to terms with leadership, hard work, and living with new people. Her stay in Kentucky has constituted some of her richest experiences across the board, and she deeply appreciates having had the opportunity to spend three weeks among such awesome people.


Mariana Vazquez-Walter Interested in having new experiences and learning new things, she found that Good Life Ranch would be the perfect place to spend a month of her summer. She has learned a lot during her stay as well as gained and built upon many skills, such as reducing waste, working with a group of people in various situations, carring for animals, and learning what sustainable farming is about as a whole. She hopes to carry these lessons with her far into the future.