Each year we offer internships to young men and women who are interested in learning about sustainable farming and poverty alleviation.

The interns spend at least 3 weeks at Good Life Ranch participating in all aspects of ranch life - marketing, sales, gardening, animal care and production, livestock breeding, construction, curriculum planning, and general farm work. All interns get a great experience learning about what it means to farm in a conscientious manner.




2013 Interns

Session 1 - Mackenzie DeSpain, Emma King, and Tyler Swank

Mackenzie DeSpain is an incoming freshman at Eastern Kentucky University and is going to major in Homeland Security. She became interested in sustainable farming when she took AP Environmental science class and visited Good Life Ranch on a field trip. She plans to use the knowledge she gained on the farm towards a career in international law or a governmental agency such as the FBI or the Department of Homeland Security.



Emma King will be a senior this year at the Universtiy of Massachusetts. She is majoring in Animal Science and came to Good Life Ranch to gets the homesteader's perspective on the topics she learned in class. Emma's favorite part was witnessing the birth of two bull calves and holding goat kids. She especially appreciated learning gentle handling techniques from Geoff's example. The biggest lesson Emma learned was that farm work is hard mentally and physically but is rewarding in the end.


Tyler Swank will be a sophmore this year at the University of Missouri. He is majoring in Animal Science and came to Good Life Ranch to learn the benefits of keeping cattle just on grass and maintaining hogs outside. Tyler's favorite activities were doing the Farmer Geoff challenge, carrying the bull calf, talking to Russell, caring for the turkey poults, and wrangling the Pilgrim Geese. Tyler hopes to take all the things he learned back to Missouri and his home state of California to teach others the benefits of sustainable farming. Tyler gained more of a passion for farming and hopes to have his own farm after he has graduated from the University of Missouri.


Session 2 - Trevor Antrim, Gabby Castañon, Mackenzie DeSpain, Hannah Kavy, Laura Prentice, Joy Rathman, and Jake Weeth

Trevor Antrim found out about Good Life Ranch from the school bulletin and the experience peaked his interests. He loves farming and taking care of animals, but above all he just loves the outdoor and nature. A rural farm in Kentucky seemed the perfect place to spend part of his summer. At Good Life Ranch, Trevor learned much about animal husbandry, group interactions, construction, and leadership. The whole experience was superb and he was very sad to have to leave, but he learned life lessons that will stick with him throughout the rest of his life. Thanks to Good Life Ranch, Trevor someday hopes to study agricultural engineering and eventually manage his own farm.


Gabby Castañon discovered the opportunity to intern at Good Life Ranch and decided it would be a wonderful way to learn skills applicable to life. Her interest in sustainbale farming sprouted fairly recently, although she has visited her grandparent's farm in Nebraska her entire life. During her time at Good Life Ranch she has aquired a great deal of helpful knowledge she hopes to apply at home and later on in life. Most importantly, she has gained a greater appreciation for the intensive labor involved in sustainable farming.


Hannah Kavy was naturally interested in the sustainable growth methods of Good Life Ranch. She heard about the internship opportunity through school, and was eager to apply. Throughout the year Hannah is a typical city girl, but has always spent the summers in a small Vermont town. She plans to apply many of the sustainable practices she has learned at Good Life to her families plot of land in Vermont, but also to her life in the city. Along with gaining increased knowledge of sustainable farming, Hannah hopes to better her work ethic.



Laura Prentice is a rising junior at Trinity University in San Antonio. She is a Religion and Environmental Studies double major and her teacher at school told her about Good Life Ranch. As Laura has been interested in organic gardening and loves animals, she thought working on the ranch would be a perfect opportunity to see if sustainable agriculture is something she would like to do long term. She also just really wanted to hang out with a lot of friendly folk of the animal and human variety. The whole experience was extremely rewarding for Laura and she can't wait to go back to her school and teach others all that she learned at Good Life Ranch.


Joy Rathman has become increasingly interested in sustainable development and living a healthy lifestyle. She learned about Good Life Ranch through both her family and school and decided that it was an excellent opportunity to expand her horizons and get more in tune with nature. Joy loved working with the animals as well as helping out around the ranch. The experience taught her how difficult it can be to participate in sustainable agriculture but that it is, more often than not, worthwhile. She had a wonderful time during the few weeks she was there, for there was never a dull moment. Joy hopes to carry along the knowledge she has learned here to her friends and family at home.


Jake Weeth came to Good Life Ranch with hopes to gain skills in leadership and learn more about substainable farming. He had an exciting time bonding with peers and working hard while taking care of the animals and learning about agriculture. Jake not only gained the skills he wished for, but also, grew in communicating to others in an efficient way andliving healthier life. Because of Good Life Ranch, Jake will start growing some his own foods and buy meats from farms that have the same specifications as Good Life.


Session 3 - Sarah Gonzalez, Grace Herndon, Abigail Land, and Judah Oechsle

Sarah Gonzalez is a rising senior at El Paso High School in west Texas. An avid horseback rider, Sarah has always loved working with livestock. She is a hard worker looking for a different experience for the summer. Sarah further developed her leadership skills while at the ranch and enjoyed designing and building the Moldovan factory dwelling. She plans on attending an Ivy League university next fall.



Grace Herndon heard about Good Life Ranch from some friends at school and from the stories she heard Good Life Ranch seemed like something she would really enjoy. Throughout her experience working at Good Life Ranch Grace learned not only important lessons on group communication, perseverance, and sustainability but also gained an inside look into the farming industry that impacted her tremendously. The lessons that Grace learned at Good Life Ranch are ones that will continue to have an effect on her life as she returns home and begins her senior year of high school.


Abigail Land arrived at the ranch looking forward to working as a team to build structures in the Livestyles Lane poverty simulation and did not leave disappointed. Abby also loved working with the baby goats and chickens and became a superb hoof-trimmer.




Judah Oechsle heard about Good Life through his friends and family and saw it as an opportunity to learn about a whole different way of life. He arrived at Good Life with the intention of increasing his knowledge about farming, building, and animal care. Judah enjoyed working hard and helping create the architecture in Lifestyles Lane. Good Life taught him many lessons about leadership, patience, and work ethic. Judah hopes to continue to build on these skills, and enjoy a more sustainable life, when he returns to San Antonio.