Meat Chickens

This page discusses how we raise our meat chickens. For information about our laying hens, please visit our Eggs page.

Our meat chickens are raised on pasture behind portable electric netting just like our cattle, goats, and hogs. They have a large area to roam that gets moved every couple of days to a fresh spot. Inside their paddock they have fresh water, local non-GMO feed, shade, and all the grass and bugs they can catch.

We started off trying to free-range our meat birds, but that didn't work. Coyotes love GLR chicken! Then we used large pens that we pulled around the pasture twice a day. The pens solved the predator issue, but we felt like the chickens didn't have much room and they sure went through the grass and bugs inside the pen quickly. We like the free-range-behind-electric-netting model because the birds are still fairly well protected from predators while gaining a tremendous amount of foraging area compared to the chicken tractor model.

We raise 2 types of chickens - heritage Naked Neck chickens and the modern Cornish x White Rock hybrid. Both breeds are raised identically except that the Naked Necks are hatched on farm. The males are grown for meat and the hens join our egg-laying flock. The Cornish hybrids are proprietary and we must order them from the hatchery.

Our customers will notice a difference in our chickens as compared to supermarket chickens. Our birds have a far superior flavor. Their superior diets leads to more intense taste and firmer texture. There is an even bigger difference between the Naked Necks and the hybrid birds. The birds are not built the same way. The heritage birds have more dark meat than a hybrid bird and a smaller breast. They take longer to grow out, which gives their meat more flavor than the shorter-lived hybrids.

We always have chicken available to purchase on the farm, at the Farmers' Market, and we will also custom grow a batch of 25 or more chickens just for you! Please email us for more information.

Price: $4 per pound, processed as a whole chicken. This is the most economical way to purchase. We also have breasts, legs, thighs, and wings available priced by the pound. Prices vary by cut.

Availability: Our first pastured poultry batches are available in June and our last batch is finished by early November.