Our eggs are truly exceptional! They are produced by our heritage breed hens that have free run of our farm all day long. They are fed some locally-produced scratch grains (corn, wheat, and millet) as well as vegetable scraps from our kitchen, but get a great deal of their food from the grass, insects, and seeds they find on their daily romps. They keep our farm sanitary by consuming lots of insects, by scratching through the litter, and by turning our compost for us. Every evening they return to roost in the Eggmobile we built to protect them from the night-roaming predators. Every few days the Eggmobile is pulled to a new area of pasture so that the chickens' waste is spread as fertilizer over our fields and so that the hens have new areas to explore and sanitize. We keep the Eggmobile parked about 3 days behind the grazing animals and the chickens scratch through all of the manure the grazers left behind, working it into the soil as fertilizer and consuming all of the fly larvae and other pests.

eggsBecause of the enormous amount of fresh green plant matter the hens consume every day, the yolks on these eggs are just unbelievable! They range from bright yellow to fire-engine red, indicating high levels of beta carotene. Lots of research demonstrates that eggs produced in a pastured setting have more vitamins, less cholesterol, more Omega-3’s, and less saturated fat than conventionally produced eggs - even the organic, vegetarian-fed, cage-free ones. We get repeated compliments from customers who say that Good Life Ranch eggs are the best eggs they've ever eaten. Try ‘em! You won’t be disappointed!

Prices: Chicken eggs are priced at $4 per dozen, $3.50 with return of an egg carton. Duck eggs are $5.00 per dozen, $4.50 with the return of an egg carton.

Availability: Year round