Thanks to a local beekeeper and the Green River Beekeepers Association, we got our first 2 hives of honeybees in late spring of 2012. Later that year we were able to enjoy our first harvest of delicious honey from our own land.

Because we are so interested and involved with preserving heritage breeds of livestock, honeybees have always been on our radar. The decline of the bees has been well-documented in print and on film. We want to help preserve these wonderful insects upon whom our entire system of agriculture is based.

The bees service our farm by pollinating our orchards and gardens. They feed on the nectar and pollen of wildflowers in the pastures and meadows. We noticed a large jump in production from all of our insect-pollinated crops last year despite the cool and damp growing season. The honeybees obviously had a big impact!

For 360 days every year the bees are left alone to do their thing. We don't bug them and they busily go about their business. The other 5 days we check on them and feed them if necessary for the winter. Once per year we harvest honey, always making sure to leave plenty for the hive.

We do all of the honey extraction on-farm using equipment belonging to the Green River Beekeepers Association. The honey is extracted and bottled but never filtered - we want all that beneficial pollen to remain in the honey! Whole, unfiltered local honey is fantastic and can really help people with allergy issues.

Price: $10 per jar

Availability: We harvest honey in the summer and it is available until we sell out.