Lifestyles Lane is the signature enterprise here at Good Life Ranch. Participants engage in a simulation mimicking the lifestyles of people in developing nations. Come experience life as the rest of the world does - we guarantee that you will emerge a changed person in a very positive way!

When ready, Lifestyles Lane will be able to accomodate groups ranging in size from 10 to 150 people. Accomodations will be "rustic" and authentic to the area of the globe they are intended to represent. Food and available resources will also be as authentic as possible to the region represented in Lifestyles Lane.

Right now, Lifestyles Lane is under construction. We are planning to have a dormitory with a large meeting room and separate quarters for girls and boys, a "customs" facility for processing participants, and 13 distinct living quarters representing developing areas from around the world - China, India, Peru, Sierra Leone, Kenya, South Africa, Haiti, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Moldova, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Sudan. Good Life Ranch owners Lindsey and Geoff have extensive travel experience will use their knowledge plus the knowledge of experts, other travellers, and natives of these areas to build authentic housing, develop authentic menus, and generally provide an authentic experience revealing what life is truly like in these areas.

The reasons for and impact of poverty will be considered. In addition, participants come away with action plans - tangible things they can do to help alleviate poverty permanently. It’s not about charity. It’s about changing the way the world lives and how we live in the world.

Please check back for updates! We anticipate opening Lifestyles Lane in full in 2015.

Here's are some structures we've built so far:

Cambodia, 2011

Haiti, 2011-12

Slums, 2012

India, 2012

Moldova, 2013