Geoff and Lindsey McPherson

Lindsey and Geoff met in San Antonio in 2000 and married in 2008. Prior to purchasing Good Life ranch in 2010 they were both accomplished educators at The International School of the Americas, Lindsey in English and Geoff in Biology. They both have Master’s degrees and loved their careers in the field.

Lindsey and Geoff have travelled extensively - to Mexico, Canada, Peru, Japan, England, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Fiji, India, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, and Tanzania. They are using their knowledge and experience from these travels to create an authentic poverty simulation here at Good Life Ranch for students from all over the country.

Both Lindsey and Geoff are excited to begin this new life together! Lindsey is directing the marketing and curricular phases of Good Life Ranch, while Geoff is in charge of the daily operations at the Ranch. Currently both Lindsey and Geoff also double as teachers at Taylor County High School.

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Photo by James Byrd Photography. Used under license.

b&sBailey and Scooter

Bailey acquired Geoff in 2002 as a silvery, blue-eyed puppy. She has since made the transition to a browny, brown-eyed old lady. She excels at ball-chasing. While work is happening, Bailey enjoys lounging in the shade of a nearby tree. Lindsey came home with Scooter in 2009. Scooter enjoys following whomever is working on the farm to see what's going on and greeting all farm guests with an enthusiastic shove. He is a beginning goat herder.


Bubba came from a family nearby. He lives with the goats and rotates with them from paddock to paddock. His job, which he takes very seriously, is coyote deterrance. As much as he dislikes coyotes, Bubba LOVES people. Anyone who comes into the pasture is his new best friend.



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