A Note about our Pricing Philosophy
We did not get into farming to make a fortune. We aren’t that crazy. However, to be sustainable a farm must also be profitable. We want to make a living from our farm. To that end, we price all our products in a way that covers our costs of production (buying breeding stock, building enclosures, purchasing feed) and pays us an hourly rate of $10. We feel that’s a reasonable rate of return for our labor.

Some of our prices may seem high to those of you accustomed to buying industrially-produced food in the supermarket. We are not trying to compete with that food because ours is completely different. However, it really costs more than 79 cents per pound to grow that industrial chicken in the grocery store's meat department. The low prices of industrial food - yes even large-scale organic food - is kept low through inhumane treatment of animals, exploitation of migrant and undocumented workers, and government subsidies that we all pay for through our taxes. Price shouldn’t be the only thing that matters with something as important as food! How many of people think that Isuzu made a better product than Land Rover just because the vehicle costs less per pound? All of this - the subsidies, the exploitation, the mindset - keeps production high and prices low but results in food that exploits people and animals, food that has a weaker taste and fewer nutrients, and an unsustainable food system.

Our food is completely different in terms of the production model and the content. We don’t receive government subsidies and we don’t exploit laborers or livestock. The prices we charge are the real cost of producing quality food, and we openly share our production costs in the product descriptions below. We hope you will support our effort at an honest pricing system.