Years ago the USDA stated that domestic rabbit meat was “the most nutritious meat known to man” based upon the fact that rabbit meat is higher in protein and lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol than beef, goat, lamb, pork, or even chicken. At Good Life Ranch, we’ve kept all of those benefits of rabbit meat and added the bonus of fresh pasture. Fresh green grass contains lots of carotenes and vitamins that translate into Omega-3 acids and CLA’s in your body. We’ve made rabbit meat even healthier!

Our rabbits are kept in movable hutches that travel around the pasture. They also have free-choice access to unmedicated alfalfa pellets with pro-biotics to aid digestion. The rabbits do munch on the pellets, but they really love the fresh grass and clover. They go to town grazing on it every time they are moved, which is at least twice per day and sometimes up to three times each day. We’d love to get into an endangered breed of rabbit when we have the opportunity, but right now we are just raising New Zealand/Flemish Giant/Californian crosses and breeding for the ability to perform well on pasture. Domestic rabbits have been off of grass for long enough that this is harder to do than one would think!

rabbit tractorsThe mobile pens have plenty of room already for the rabbits and provide access to fresh grass all day long, but we are working on an even better design that will allow the doe rabbit to stay with her litter all the way up to the time the litter is processed (which we do here on the farm). The new design is even larger to accomodate up to twelve rabbits in a litter all the way up to 12 weeks of age and will have an open floor rather than the slats we currently use so that the rabbits can dig and act even more naturally. We are looking to introduce this new design farm-wide in the summer of 2011.

Good Life Rabbits may not represent one particular breed, but they taste like really exceptional chicken and are the healthiest meat one can consume!

Price: $2.25 per pound live and $4.00 per pound processed.