We are raising 4 breeds of heritage turkeys this year. All of these breeds can be found on the watch list of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. We are growing Bourbon Reds and Black Spanish (also known as just Black) turkeys, all of which are listed as “Watch” by the ALBC. The Narragansett turkey is listed as “Threatened,” and we are also raising the “Critically” rare Chocolate turkey, which I’m sure is a reference to the color rather than the taste. We have a small flock that roams all over our farm during the day - even rocking in our porch swing most afternoons. They de-bug the gardens for us, scratch behind our goats, chase our dogs around, and follow us pretty much wherever we go.

hensAt night they sleep on portable roosts we built for them so that they are safe from the coyotes and bobcats. The roosts are moved every day to spread the droppings around the pastures and surrounded by electric netting to keep the predators at bay. The turkeys simply fly over the netting in the morning and evening to access their roosts.

We hatch out all of our Black Spanish and Chocolate turkeys here on-farm from our breeding flocks. We will do the same with the Bourbon Reds and Narragansett turkeys in future years. Every year we save the top-performing turkeys as breeders so that over time we can improve our flock and produce bigger, healthier turkeys every year.

The heritage turkeys have a very different flavor from supermarket birds. The flavor is more complex and intense due to the more varied diet and longer grow-out period of the heritage birds. They also have a higher ratio of dark meat - which is great for people like me who prefer the dark meat! The turkeys do tend to be a bit smaller than the average supermarket bird as well. Our turkeys range from 10 to 16 pounds, but who really needs a 20-lb turkey anyway? How long after Thanksgiving do people really want to eat turkey sandwiches?


We are offering a pre-order special this year! Contact us before September 1st to pre-order a heritage Thanksgiving turkey for $75. That price includes free delivery to your door anywhere in Kentucky! After August 1st the price will be $7 per pound. That means on an average 14-lb turkey you can save $23 by ordering early! To pre-order, contact us and we will provide information on remitting a $25 deposit.


Price: $75 (with free Kentucky delivery) if ordered before August 1; $7.00 per pound if ordered after August 1 (and if we still have turkeys available)

Availability: Fall